Given the complexity and uncertainty of the business environment, our approach starts with the assumption that “what got us here” will only provide temporary solutions.  While we can learn from best practices, they will only take us so far. In order to address the emerging challenges, we work with clients to create next practices. At LINC Associates, we believe in the power of questions and curiosity.  We take an inquiry based approach to our work, making sure that we gain a common understanding of the problem we are trying to solve before beginning to propose potential solutions. We approach our work with a true sense of curiosity rather than a “fixed mindset.” By adopting this stance, we create environments where ideas fuel the new approaches that are implemented. We provide time for experimentation so that new ways of thinking and doing can be refined and integrated into daily work. We see ourselves as curators of learning experiences rather than providers of episodic learning events. Given that successful organizations need to be balance predictability and innovation, LINC Associates will work with you to identify the questions that need to be answered as you move your learning strategy forward and then work on informing the potential actions that you can take. We have helped our clients answer puzzles such as:

  • How do organizations successfully manage complexity and support individuals to perform effectively in the face of uncertainty?
  • What will individual, group and organizational learning look like in the coming decade?
  • How can you amplify the learning that is already happening?
  • How do we engage with the learning triggers so we have an opportunity to change?
  • How do we create environments where individuals can thrive?

If you are interested in exploring these or other challenges, contact us.