LINC Associates has grown out of the work that Marga Biller has been doing for over 20 years – helping organizations develop learning strategies that achieve organizational excellence, improve leadership practices and embed a growth mindset into the organizational culture.  We work collaboratively with our clients, using a research-based approach to crafting initiatives that address the emerging needs of organizations by establishing dynamic capabilities. View our services


LINC Associates develops custom workshops for organizations and also delivers training. Marga Biller is certified in delivering Situational Leadership from Blanchard Associates. In addition, LINC Associates has developed a set of highly interactive workshops on many management topics including:


Marga is helping to bring to life an emerging shift in leadership and organizational development. She has a strength to look at issues and areas for change through a holistic lens and helps to create approaches and frameworks that enable her clients to create new futures and ways of working. She offers an expertise and limitless energy in the areas of learning and unleashing potential in dynamic work places. It has been a pleasure to work with her over the past several years.  Jen Megules – Novartis Leadership & Talent Development